At Alas de Castilla, the agri-food management and production systems are based on respect for the environment, the use of natural methods, the promotion of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, animal welfare and production in accordance with the preferences of the consumers for foods obtained from natural substances and processes.


Alas de Castilla organic almond complies with the European organic regulation. From agricultural production and storage to almond processing, it meets the requirements established based on regulation (EU) 2018/848.

In this way, we ensure that product traceability is honest and reliable. 


Organic farming is a production method whose objective is to obtain food using natural substances and processes. Therefore, organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact, since it promotes:

 The responsible use of energy and natural resources;

 Preservation of biodiversity;

The conservation of regional ecological balances;

Improving soil fertility;

Preservation of quality water;

Furthermore, organic farming standards pursue a high level of animal welfare and require farmers to respect specific behavioral habits of animals.